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About Marion County Auction - A little about us.

The Marion County Auction was established in 1910 and is one of Indiana's oldest auction destinations. In 1910, farmers from as far away as Mooresville would bring cattle, horses, hens and other livestock to the auction to be sold. Over the years, the Marion County Auction has grown and enjoyed many prosperous years. Since 1998, The Marion County Auction has sold automobiles. Everything from Hot Rod collectibles to late model luxury sedans. Every Saturday at 10 a.m. the doors open and your search for the perfect car begins! At 12 noon, opening announcements are made and the auction begins. Hundreds of cars will be sold from Fords and Chevys to Nissans and Toyotas, classic to late models, we sell them all!

Office hours are M-F 10-5 and Auctions are held every Saturday beginning at 12 PM.  For any questions, or to reserve a bidder # for our upcoming auction, contact our office at 317-248-0100.